Business English Course
     This course is intended for business professionals at high-intermediate and advanced levels who need to communicate effectively with the English knowledge they have acquired.
     Functional Organization. This course is functionally organized; it focuses on how to speak the launguage effectively and properly in several real-life business situations--how to make the first impression by introducing yourself and your company eloquently, how to express your ideas clearly and convincingly at a meeting, how to make an impressive presentation of your products to customers, how to negotiate effectively and close a deal, and how to present your project and win approval from your boss.
     Communicative Approach. The course focuses on a communicative approach. To practice each of these functions, there are several communicative activities-- pair and small group work involving role plays, problem-solving tasks, discussion, and presentation, and so on. In these activities, each participant simululate different roles: a presenter, a customer, a boss, a meeting chairman, a discussion panelist, and an approval committee. Students receive some information that the others do not have, which creates the uncertainty essential in genuine communication.
     Skills. The course emphasizes discussion, negotiation, and presentation skills. Students will be familiarized with social and business etiquettes and conventions. Western cultural perspectives will be highlighted throughout the course.
     Interview placement test is required before being enrolled in this course.
     Duration: 3 months (40 hours)
     Course schedule: Sunday 14.30-17.30
     Instructor: Mr. Stephan O’Brien, B.A. (Business Administration), University of California at Berkeley Former Qantas Airways Flight Attendant Trainer
     Tuition fee: 10,000 Baht


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